Yearly examinations are free for PRSI and Medical Card patients. Scale and polish supplemented on PRSI once a year with a fee of €10.00.
Six monthly scale and polishes are recommended to maintain good oral hygiene.
Implant crown restorations are available (requires assessment).
Scale & Polish€55.00  
Examination with Scale & Polish€85.00  
Small X-ray€20.00  
Amalgam Restoration€100.00  
White Restoration (2 surfaces)€110.00  
White Restoration (3 surfaces)€130.00  
White Anterior Restoration€100.00  
Surgical Extraction (time dependant)€120.00-€150.00  
Root Canal Treatment (Anterior)€350.00  
Root Canal Treatment (Premolar)€450.00  
Root Canal Treatment (Molar)€650.00  
Post & Core€180.00  
Fissure Sealants (per tooth)€30.00  
Restorations (Primary teeth)€70.00  
Child Examinations€20.00  
Denture Repair€80.00  
Denture Reline€150.00  
Partial Denture€350.00  
Full Upper / Lower Denture€350.00  
Full Upper & Lower Denture€600.00  
Chrome Denture€950.00