Yearly examinations are free for PRSI patients. Scale and polish supplemented on PRSI once a year with a fee of €15.00.
Six monthly scale and polishes are recommended to maintain good oral hygiene.
Implant crown restorations are available (requires assessment).

Examination (incl. 2 x-rays)                                                        €50.00

Exam & Cleaning                                                                          €90.00

Scale & Polish                                                                               €60.00

Child examination                                                                        €40.00

Small x-ray                                                                                    €20.00

Teeth Whitening                                                                         €250.00

Nightguard/splint                                                                      €150.00

White Posterior Restoration                                  €120.00 – €200.00

White Anterior Restoration                                    €120.00 – €150.00

Extraction                                                                                     €120.00

Surgical Extraction                                                   €150.00 – €200.00

Root Canal Treatment – Anterior Tooth                                  €450.00

Root Canal Treatment – Premolar Tooth                                €550.00

Denture Repair                                                                            €100.00

Partial Denture                                                                            €400.00

Full Upper or Lower Denture                                                     €500.00

Full Upper & Lower Denture                                                      €800.00

Chrome Cobalt Denture                                                          €1,000.00

Crown                                                                                            €700.00

Post & Core                                                                                  €200.00

Fissure sealant                                                                              €30.00

Dental Implants
A dental implant is a small titanium post that is inserted surgically below the gum at the location of a missing tooth. The implant replaces the root of the missing tooth. Over a period of months the surrounding bone fuses to the implant and forms a secure foundation on to which a crown can be attached.
Dental implants individually supporting a single crown are the closest thing available when it comes to replacing a natural tooth. Implants are strong, stable and durable once they are maintained.
Not all people are suitable for implants. Excellent oral hygiene measures must be maintained in combination with regular visits to dentist and for inspection and cleaning in order to maintain implants. A healthy mouth free of periodontal disease is required where there is sufficient bone left for placement.
It requires at least one surgery to place implants. Complications can happen and so a thorough assessment, including scans, is required before any treatment.
We use implants by Nobel Biocare, a leading innovator of implant-based dental restorations.
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